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Here below you can view the 12 different styles of distilling kits that we offer.

By CLICKING on the individual picture you will see the details (and prices) for each kit. Each kit includes different parts (whether it is different size or type of flasks, adapters, thermometers, columns, or just more/other components).

Please scroll down the entire page.

Please also remember that you may always substitute parts for others (or even remove/add different components).

You may call/e-mail us for "customized" and "personalized" distilling kits. We'll provide you with a quotation promptly.






#89501-003 ►(Most economic)◄


#89501-005 ►(Most popular)◄



#89501-008 ►(Most wanted)◄





#89501-012 ►(Best seller)◄

#89005 (6-pcs. Setup only)


* Other Custom Sizes/Types available - Please CALL: (800)535-2236




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