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United Glass Technologies, Inc. (UGT) specializes in providing our customers with high quality laboratory glassware at competitive prices. All glassware is made in the USA.  Whether the researcher requires standard glassware, custom glassware, repairs or modifications to their existing glassware, our qualified staff is available to assist you. UGT specializes in manufacturing ultra-high vacuum systems and schlenk-ware,  fritted glassware and medicinal chemistry glassware. Glass to metal transitions is one of our specialties.  UGT will plastic coat any glassware including Roto-Vap glassware and chromatography columns upon request. UGT produces, maintains and repairs just about anything made of glass!  No job is too big or too small.  All work is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  Please check our glassware monthly specials. For your convenience, we also accept VISA, MC, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards.


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United Glass Technologies, Inc. (UGT) is a scientific glassware manufacturer located in Southern New Jersey since 1989.  We use only the highest quality borosilicate glass (also know as Pyrex glass).  We manufacture all of our glassware in the USA. Our consulting staff is trained to work with scientists from any discipline -Organic, Inorganic, Metalo-organic, Physical Chemists, Physicists, Biologists, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Research and Development. UGT provides research facilities with glassblowing service, on-site if necessary.  For companies who do not employ a full time glassblower, United Glass Technologies provides a service to help manage your glassblowing needs.



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